Vicki Wusche

In the last twenty year Vicki has completely redesigned and developed herself from single mother, after her unexpected divorce, to a successful business owner, author, thought provocateur and renowned speaker. Vicki starting investing for herself and family in 2008. Within just five years she had been listed in The Telegraph as one of the top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She has written four books and contributed to a further three. She regularly speaks at property and business events, delivering thought provoking, valuable and inspiring content. One of the things Vicki excels at during her events is getting the audience involved in the debate. She focuses on generating possibilities that those, so motivated can grasp, evaluate and put into action practical ideas.

Redundancy to Property Success in ten simple steps

Based on her personal journey Vicki highlights the ten steps that have helped her move from redundancy and a lack of confidence to owning a successful property portfolio, writing four books and creating multiple successful property businesses.
She will take you from mindset through maths, and motive to property business success. Come prepared, take notes and make sure you visit her stand afterwards.