Søren Pople

In the last ten years Søren has worked across a range of businesses in a variety of markets. He has helped set up two successful companies, as well as experiencing one failure. His experiences have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge of
what works and what doesn’t when running a business in a digital world.

The essentials for kick-starting your Business in a digital age

Setting up a business can be a daunting prospect for a lot of entrepreneurs. The seminar will cover the key fundamentals that any new business leader should consider. The first half will be about the basics of setting up a business and the core requirements of managing a company. The second half will explore the different marketing channels that are available and how these should be implemented.


  • Lauren Halket: Speaking at The Business Show

    Lauren Halket

    Best Practises for Recuitment Company excluding cold/unhealthy KPI’s

  • George Seward: Speaking at The Business Show

    George Seward

    Purchasing Privately Owned Businesses

  • Laura Stockwell: Speaking at The Business Show

    Laura Stockwell

    Identifying the key Information risks in your business.

  • Clarke Carlisle: Speaking at The Business Show

    Clarke Carlisle

    "How are you feeling about your work life balance? #letstalk"