Segey Musienko

Sergey Musienko is a technology expert with over a decade’s worth of experience, specifically in the health sector.

He is the CEO of Atlas Biomed, the personalised health company. Sergey took time out to join the Silicon Valley think tank, Singularity University, in 2011. It was here that Sergey realised that the future was, in his words, “integrative personal omics profiles, which gather information about the body at a molecular level”. This insight led to him to found Atlas Biomed where he is currently the CEO. Here, he has put together a successful team that has developed two major products: the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test.

These tests analyse how genes and gut bacteria influence various health traits like disease risk, nutrition, personal traits and physical activity, allowing people to take control of their health with actionable, scientifically proven lifestyle recommendations.

Creating an ecosystem for personalised health

Technological breakthroughs in DNA sequencing are driving the development and adoption of genetic and microbiome consumer applications. Aggregated data from thousands of clinical and research projects is creating novel insights into consumers wellbeing and drive the shift towards personalised medicine. The seminar is focused on the potential behind the direct-to- consumer genetic and microbiome testing.


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