Pranay Misra

Business Analyst and Project Manager for Dotsquares based in Canary Wharf, London. A computer engineer by qualification and has experience of working closely with clients and corporates across the globe, he has helped a lot of small and medium sized businesses to become more efficient with the use of technology and have taken them to the next level. Pranay is directly involved with a lot of projects and is well verse with latest project management methodologies and programming tools being used across the development ecosystem. A team player and has worked with his team to deliver complex enterprise level projects by being the bridge between programmers and the client.


With ever growing number of people using smart phones, the need of having everything available at your fingertips has now become a necessity rather than luxury. You can use your phone to do things with the help of these apps that we never could have imagined before. Let’s talk about ways to transform your business by getting it mobile to engage more clients.


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