Michael Maynard

Michael Maynard is the Managing Director of Mentor First and TCBC Offices. He is an Author of 4 business titles, a qualified mentor, life coach and business consultant. He is a regular speaker at leading UK business events with a particular focus on business start-ups. One of his passions is to see as many entrepreneurs fulfill their life''s passion in business, he does this through mentoring. Alongside his team of 6 mentors, he engages and supports 1000''s of businesses from route to market and once established how to grow their business to the next level. His speaking delivery style is engaging and inspiring.

7 Key Start Up Questions – Developing an idea that works

Starting a business doesn''t have to be completed or an elongated process, but you do need to know what you''re doing. We help 1000''s of businesses start up by answering 7 Key questions, we do this through our one to one and group mentoring sessions, ensuring the business owner is ready, which reducing their chances of failure. In this short session we will focus on what makes a good and lasting business idea.