Mandy Evill

Mandy is highly successful and influential mindset and success coach. She is personally mentored by the legendary Bob Proctor, world master in prosperity and success. She delivers the powerful programme `Thinking into Results` to corporate, small businesses and individuals all across the UK. The transformational coaching programme supersedes all other coaching interventions and goes right to the primary cause of results and success to create permanent results. Mandy will explain exactly what it is that stops most people from achieving their most desired goals.

The secret to unlocking your business success

If you want to explode your business and have true success in all aspects of your life and business then this is a not to be missed seminar! You will learn the very key to what unlocks the glass ceiling on your achievements and your business success. It’s not a mystery. Success does not happen by accident neither is it ‘earnt’ by working harder. It’s not a secret and everyone can have the results they truly want in their business. Learn how to unlock your business success!