Lucy Matthews

Lucy is a highly driven, successful entrepreneur and performer with over 30 years’ experience in the world of PR. As the UK Entrepreneur’s PR expert, she has helped thousands of small business owners understand and use PR in their work and personal lives. Lucy has worked with a huge range of clients in B2B and B2C markets globally, helping them all build their profile, make more sales and put themselves ahead of their competitors. As well as running her own busy PR consultancy, Marvellous PR, she has courses providing everything small business owners and start-ups need to do their own PR, with back up help from her consultancy if they need it. She is the author of Amazon Best Seller ‘A Marvellous Reputation’, taking you on her journey to realising the true value that third-party endorsement can bring to our lives, with 10 PR tactics
to use now for making your business, and your life, super successful.

Boosting profitability by getting the right people talking about you

This is for small business owners who hate blowing their own trumpet but who know they are marvellous, and want to show others that they are the business, to work with. Lucy shares some of the important tactics and fundamentals of good PR gathered through her own varied 30+year career as a PR expert, and shows how using them strategically can get people talking about you, to seriously help your bottom line profits and personal happiness.


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