Karen Melonie Gould

Karen Melonie Gould is an Innovative/Disrupter of Finance and Investment and Digital Marketing. With over 25 years’ at an International level from working in the Travel Industry in the USA and Caribbean and North Africa to working in the UK and Europe in Fintech and Digital Marketing. Gatway2digital part of her brand just made it to the finals of #VOOM Virgin out of 3000 businesses. In 2016. This platform is expanding with a new data capture marketing cloud tool ‘GENIUS’ for 2017 Launch. Gateway2enterprise grow organically to over 177000 members combined within 3 years. Karen herself has just returned from Vienna at the E Leaders World Conference as a Speaker on Business Enterprise Finance and Investment in 2016 and regularly speaks in London and Europe on Fintech, Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, preparing/raising investment, Business Angel Networks etc.
Karen presently Mentors and advises Businesses mainly in Fintech, Bitcoin, Payments, Proptech, Insurtech, Meditech etc. across the Globe on how to prepare for Investment and then gateway2enterprise uses its technology to source the investors with over 5000 Investors within their network.
Karen started out her own Entrepreneur journey back in the 90’s with two successful business one which she created and started in the Dating industry which she took to a £10m turnover within 3 years. The other business was a Training and Business Development Consultancy which had clients from Virgin – and other Top FTSE clients in the UK. Karen was one of the first in the UK to set up in May 2014 her Alternative finance platform which has been restructured launching Sep 2017 to become an investment matching and support platform for its members. Our Members can profile their company to engage with other members, trade, post jobs, events and more …

How to Prepare and Source Investment for your Company to start/grow in this crowded market using software and experience

There has never be a better time than now 2017 to successfully raise funds for your business to start and grow. If you know How? You will need a sleek. Professional Pitch Deck which has to feature a video complimented with a Executive Summary, Financials 5 years Projection or traction. You also need to use a Network of Investors we have over 5000 and growing a new online platform to learn prepare and source and new technology software that targets on Social Media your ideal Investor We then bring them to you by hosting an Investment Event so you Pitch to your ideal Investor. These are Sponsored by our R&D Tax credit UK specialist T4CUK who will take you through GRANTS available to you.


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