John Ireland

John Ireland has been a financial adviser for over thirty years, as well as helping and advising clients on how to protect their assets as a Will writer for 21 years. He specialises in looking after the assets of business owners, most of whom are too busy to do it themselves. Discover why giving away your shares to your spouse can be the wrong thing to do and can massively increase your
Inheritance Tax. You''ll also find out how to protect your business with a Lasting Power of Attorney and the dire consequences if you don''t have one in place!

Secrets of the Super Rich - All You Need To Know To Protect What You''ve Worked Hard For!

You''ve worked to build your business but without the right protection in place, all of your assets are open to attack from creditors, Inheritance Tax, divorce, long term care fees, the re-marriage of a surviving spouse and Generational Inheritance Tax. Don''t miss this seminar, find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones and why you need a Lasting Power of Attorney - vital for business owners!