Haif’a Al-Ta’i

An experienced business manager with a consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs whilst retaining a high level of customer satisfaction and exceptional quality.  Possessing excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills I have founded and run successful companies for
over 22 years when I gained extensive training experience through a variety of senior management roles, academic positions and formal qualifications for diversified industrial and business environments. I have designed and delivered professional educational and training programs which reflect my extensive management skills and my ability in utilising the best business practices. I use a participative and consultative training style tailored to each individual requirement to insure effective results. Through my Business Start-up training and mentoring, I helped a number of Start-Up businesses with the planning, research and preparation that set them on the right track to start, grow and accelerate.

The Importance of Translation Services For Businesses

The seminar will address the effect/benefits of absolute language solutions processes on businesses in a local diverse society or/and operating a global business as well as businesses who have the desire to go Global. It will also address Brexit and how to utilise the language solutions to open new doors to opportunities in the wider market place by developing key strategies to attract new business. Can’t Read Won’t Buy