Duncan Peel

Duncan’s career ranges from customer service, to sales and account management within the Pensions sector and has achieved the Pensions Management Institute’s Certificate in Automatic Enrolment, providing him with an excellent knowledge of auto-enrolment.
Working with Opt Pensions, Duncan has developed a thorough understanding of the concerns facing employers around their auto-enrolment responsibilities. He has helped many employers to establish their workplace pension schemes and has worked alongside them to assist with keeping compliant and avoiding fines.
Duncan recognizes that keeping on top of the rules and regulations around automatic enrolment can be difficult for many employers whilst running a business and always seeks to provide assistance and understanding with this wherever he can.

How to not Get Fined!

Did you know that as soon as you employ somebody you must have a workplace pension scheme in place for them? Are you aware of the legislative timeframes? Have you been burying your head in the sand in the hope that your auto-enrolment responsibilities disappear?
They won’t.
Why not try and win a free hamper while we help you navigate staying ahead of the Regulator and what to consider when picking your pension provider.


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