Claire Bagehot

Claire is a laser focused consultant and coach, working with people at a deep level on their inner game, creating lasting and profound change, to produce solid results in their business and life.
She is certified in NLP Master, NLP Coaching Master, Hypnotherapy Master, and has studied a vast range of subjects Spiritual Psychology, Mindset, Neuroscience, Empowered Energetics, Linguistics, Presence and more. Her flexibility, wisdom and applicable knowledge greatly benefits her clients.
Claire creates bespoke programmes tailored to each client’s needs. Her calm and soothing energy allow people to feel totally safe and to open up. She is certainly not the ‘’easy option’’ though, no ‘done for you’ here. She expects her clients to work as hard as she does in sessions and in between sessions. Her clients love working with her, and obtain the lasting results they seek.

Breakthough Tips & Techniques for Massive Business Growth & Success

An interactive look at common obstacles in business life, and what you can do today to break through them. Whether you’re starting out in business, top of your game, or feeling stuck by a personal ‘’glass ceiling’’, we will break it down into simple terms and steps to strengthen the foundations of your work. Raise your game and create solid results.


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