Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a digital strategist and CCO of doddle, a task management product. In his role, he has developed a unique approach to digital marketing focusing on the LinkedIn platform.
With over 20,000 followers and an average post view of 25,000 Chris has built a very respectable consultancy business. He developed the #LISuccess hashtag and has multiple programs that run, helping businesses owners maximise LinkedIn.
He has had posts reach 5 million+ views with thousands of comments and is known on LinkedIn as the no-nonsense, zero BS LinkedIn guy.
This year alone, Chris has generated over £100,000 directly from his efforts on LinkedIn and is now starting a tour to showcase his methods globally.
30 minutes is not long enough to give away all his secrets but he will drop some extremely valuable hints and tips to help you on LinkedIn.

How to find your next opportunity on LinkedIn

With over 542 million users, you’re only a click away from your next opportunity on LinkedIn.
Be that finding a job, connecting with investors or seeking opportunities, you stand a better chance if you know how the platform works, how best to approach people and ultimately grow your self-brand.
Chris will also give you some killer tips and tricks to maximise your efforts.


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