Chris Dunkerley

Through his work at moocreations Ltd, Chris has spent 12 years listening to Managing Directors and solving their marketing and sales communications pains, posed by business growth. Chris is naturally interested in people and processes which makes him a solid listener; plus he is a highly creative individual who thrives solving problems – whether they are business or
marketing related.

In 2017, Chris recognised that the SME market lacked a go-to body for transparent advice around marketing and internal improvement for business leaders to achieve growth targets (one without hidden cross selling agendas). The solution Chris developed for Savanna Bison Limited, gives Managing Directors and Boards better perspective on how to move forward to
achieve their goals. The service includes extraordinary business assessments that pin-point transparent, evidence-based action lists that best suit the position and circumstances of any given business.

Chris works closely with CEO’s, Managing Directors and Boards of Partners.

How ultimate clarity empowers business growth decisions.

I will reveal why internal business structures, negatively impact the success rates of lead-gen and outsourced marketing initiatives. We will look at how businesses choose creative sector services and why the process is flawed. I will also share with you, tips on how to overcome the common hurdles faced, so that your next outsourced marketing project, delivers positive success rates for the whole business.