Carles Bonfill Asperó

Carles is a technology and analytics enthusiast. He is a telecommunications engineer specialized in computer security, and in the beginning of his professional career he created security devices such as firewalls and intelligent network intrusion detection systems. This was when he learned what today is his obsession: It’s small details that make the difference.

In 2006 he discovered Facebook and was amazed by the possibilities it offered. He therefore changed his career path and began working with digital marketing on social networks. This is why he created Easypromos in 2009, a company that has developed an online platform to create promotional campaigns based on sweepstakes and contests that are distributed on social networks with the sole purpose to grow a business.

Easypromos is one of the world’s leading promotion platforms with the best balance of features and ease of use. Their clients from more than 80 countries have created and hosted almost 1 million campaigns using the platform.

How to grow on social media using sweepstakes and contests

Do you want to grow on social media, increase followers, engagement, visibility and user database? Apart from creating quality content, a good way to encourage users to interact is by hosting sweepstakes or contests. Learn how you can create more engagement and interaction with your followers by adding sweepstakes directly on your social media profiles and obtain user data, customer intelligence and user generated content with photo contests, surveys, customer rewards, coupon codes and more.