Arina Osiyannaya

Arina Osiyannaya is the managing director of the Business Funding Club and the creator of the Business Funding Show, the only funding exhibition in the UK and EU.

Since 2016, she has built a network of over 70,000 founders, funders and service providers, coordinated dozens of highly successful London events, created an online platform connecting UK investors and entrepreneurs, and initiated an expansion to the US. Business Funding Club events have been called ‘informative and professional’, ‘hugely useful’, ‘truly remarkable’, and ‘the best networking event I’ve ever seen’.

Arina believes in the power of networking and awareness to push a business to its highest potential, strengthening not only the individual companies but also the UK economy as a whole. More details can be found at

Crack the Code to Venture Capital

Many entrepreneurs watch Dragon’s Den and fantasise securing about venture capital that will help catapult their business to the top. But how many of them know how to make that dream a reality?
Whether this is the first time you’ve read the words ‘venture capital’ or you’re already reaching out to top firms, we have tips you won’t want to miss. We’ll help you decide whether venture capital is right for your business, discover what alternatives are out there, and learn proven methods to beat the competition and secure investment from the venture capital firms of your choice.

Arina Osiyannaya will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote 3 - Wednesday 17.00 - 17.30: Crack the Code to Venture Capital


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