Adrienn Faklya-Schmitz

Adrienn Faklya-Schmitz (Anna) is the director of AA Beacon Consultancy. She has been working as a life and career coach since 2012. Her training includes coaching, therapy, psychology, healthcare and restorative justice. She has a degree in Philosophy, Comparitive Literature and Teaching from the University of Szeged in Hungary. She is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Restorative Justice Council and Royal College of Nursing. She completed her leadership training at Brighton University and the NHS Leadership Academy. Her goal is to advocate for employee coaching in the workplace to make sure work and life balance is optimal, the absense index is going down, and there are no sudden resignations or talent loss at up-and-coming and already established businesses. Her favourite themes are employee consciousness, restorative justice dispute resolution in the workplace, and how to save money via training the right people for the right jobs.

Workforce consciousness – the reason behind the madness, boredom or success

Learn the steps to prevent losing your talent from your work force. Find out how to build a good team and look after your employees so they will stay with your company longer. How to make sure you save money on recruitment and lost education by coaching your employees to see their future. Train and promote the right people for the right jobs. Make your company soar.